Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lexi quote of the day : apparently I was staring a little too longingly at the pile of M&M's that she was carefully counting and sorting by colours because she quickly looked up and very sweetly informed me,

"Mommy, you don't need the calories in those."

I was later informed that this line originally came from Ice Age 3 and while I appreciate her ability to appropriately insert random movie quotes into daily conversation, I've got to say that I liked it better when she stuck to Elliot (Open Season) and would wander around the house saying "magical, big guy!" At least then I might have managed to score and M&M or two.


My computer has died. It's not pretty. One minute I was contentedly installing some much needed critical updates, blissful with the novelty of finally having highspeed internet, the next....nothing. Just as I hit the "restart computer now" button I had the briefest feeling of impending doom. Apparently that was my soul mate bidding me a fond adieu and thanking me for the memories. Now when I hit the power button, the lights come on, just long enough that I know that my poor laptop really wants to rejoin me in the land of the living and then, nothing. I have no idea what is wrong. I am, admittedly, not even the remotest bit technologically savvy.....which is perhaps a skill that I should learn as the husband's vague promise of "I'll get to it....maybe this weekend" is just not good enough. Doesn't he know that I have important things to do? Blogs to read, photos to upload, websites to update? Frantically typing entries into the iphone or on a borrowed computer just isn't the same! I'd love to tell you that I'm taking this time to enjoy the crisp fall air, organize my cupboards or sit zen like, contemplating my place in the universe but it's just not happening. I might get there eventually.....once I'm done chewing my fingernails and pulling my hair out frantically trying to figure out how to resurrect my beloved laptop.


As much as I generally hate those 404 errors, this page is kind of funny.....even if I have to look at it on a computer that's not my own.


Jessica said...

They learn those phrases way to easily! LOL!

Hope you find a new soul mate to enjoy some high speed internet on soon!

Kat said...

I would be a wreck without my laptop. Have you thought about taking it in for diagnostics?

skynan said...

After deciding to sponateously work for an entire day and a half it has died once more. *sigh* I took it to a trusted service centre this morning for diagnostics. Fingers crossed that it can be salvaged as I just discoverd that several of my photo files that were backed up on disc are damaged......because I soo need extra stress and financial commitments at this time of year