Sunday, October 07, 2007

Lexi has discovered a new game. Normally, I can appreciate something like this. This time, notsomuch. I will admit that it was kind of cute the first time and maybe even the second time. But it's starting to get a little old really fast. It also leaves me re planning my day simply to avoid said game.

What is the new game you ask? It begins with Lexi standing at the laundry room door with a glint in her eye that can only mean that havoc is about to ensue. She then yells "Soccer pets!!!!" and runs into the laundry room kicking over the piles of clean laundry, giggling at their unfortunate demise...perhaps a little drunk on her own power and mastery over the wobbling towers of clothing (yes, I like to pile them high, it's my own personal game). Then, she runs out and it is over as quickly as it started, leaving me sitting there staring at the wake of destruction, shaking my head and wondering what just happened.

On a totally an unrelated note, the spell checker on this program felt that perhaps the word notsomuch should be replaced with the word nudism. As much as I can appreciate nudism, I'm not sure that it would be appropriate in this place. Thanks anyway spellchecker.