Saturday, April 30, 2005

Moving Day

I never want to move again! If there is a next time I plan to be in a position to afford movers or maybe professional cleaners, or some sort of coma inducing medication, or at the very least, able to see my feet while standing. Once the mind-numbing fatigue disipates and all of my possessions have been freed from the cardboard which encases them, and my dreams are no longer haunted by abrasive scrubby sponges and orange scented Mr Clean, I will return.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Once again my hands are stained with the ink of many newspapers and the house is covered in cardboard boxes. I'd like to say that I'm excited about this move, but to be honest all I feel is exhaustion. In some ways i keep waiting for something else to go wrong. Nothing has gone smoothly yet.I also have a whole new appreciation for my family. The last time we moved, they helped out when they could. This time, its just me and Yanna doing all the packing and she's much better at unpacking and playing with the boxes and tape. On the upside, we're moving into a brand new and spotlessly clean house. This means no scrubbing walls or cupboards, no finding the left behind garbage of previous owners stashed in unlikely places, no needing to paint or clean up the yard.....I can appreciate all of this.The other advantage to moving now, and I realize that I'm totally leaving myself open to all sorts of interesting comments, is that I can't get pregnant. The last two time that we have moved I've been pregnant within 2 months of unpacking. Needless to say once we found this house, we made haste in getting an early possession date. :)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I'm fat, I can't see my feet anymore and doing up my belt (which ironically I still need) has become more challenging than should be allowed. Time, which had previously flown by, has now started to crawl at an inhumane snail's pace. These next 13ish weeks are going to be fun. I think I'd better go find some cheese to go with that whine....and maybe some salsa....