Tuesday, November 24, 2009

why you are probably a better parent than me.....

For all appearances it looks like the picture of sibling devotion, no? A big brother sitting next to his little sister, patiently enduring websites that can only appeal to 6 year old girls. What the picture doesn't show is that on this particular occasion, the awesome big brother happens to be playing on the Webkinz site. It also doesn't show that he has just entered the code from a brand new Webkinz toy belonging to an absent party and has named the resulting cyber kitty "Sticky-Head". Because this is only a photo on a blog you don't hear the resulting screaming, yelling and general sense of woe coming from the owner of the Webkinz account. Apparently the creators of Webkinz did not take into account things like the devious nature of older brothers and once named these pets cannot be re-named (unlike real life kittens who can go from Stripey to Alienfishcat to Olivia). I'd love to tell you that I did my job as a good mother, reprimanded the offending party and fixed everything for the individual who has been so profoundly wronged but for some as soon as I start talking, it all seems kind of funny and by the time I get to the word "Sticky-Head" I'm laughing too hard. Word of advise to those considering becoming parents, laughing is NOT the appropriate action in this instance and will only makes things worse. It will make you seem just as guilty as the perpetrator of the injustice and you will immediately get the title of "worst mom ever". But, by this time, it won't be the first time that you've worn that particular title and you know that it is fleeting and so you will probably continue to giggle and plan to make amends once the dust settles a little. On that note, I guess I'd better go and drop another dollar in the kids' future therapy fund.

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