Saturday, November 21, 2009

Things have been pretty crazy here as of late and so I'll do a really quick point form

- Since so many have asked - Last weekend we decided to go ahead and get the girls the N1H1 vaccine. I was really on the fence about it until Tatyanna came down with a cold the week before. It is now becoming more apparent the extent to which her whole body is affected by the Battens and I have no doubts the we made the right choice. I also went ahead and got the shot. I have asthma, which is generally well controlled and depending on the season, symptom free but I know how quickly it can get bad. As the primary care giver to Tatyanna, our family can not afford for me to get seriously ill. I am aware of the argument against it and it was not a decision that was made lightly. Unfortunately my family must live in present and the vague threat of future complications did no seem like a good argument against the vaccine.....for us. I do have to say, if those are the side effects from the needle.....I really, really do not want to get that flu! Between the muscle aches and joint pain and hot and cold flashes, I was a miserable the first night. By the next morning, though, other than some residual arm pain, all was right again in my world. Tatyanna, who we were most concerned about, had no side effects whatsoever!

-Speaking of Tatyanna, she is doing awesome lately! She has been so happy and "talkative" over the last few weeks that it has given all our spirits a much needed "lift". Unfortunately she has also been happy and talkative at 3 in the morning. Coffee is a very good thing.

-We did go ahead and meet with the surgeon regarding a future g-tube placement for Tatyanna. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get enough calories in over the course of the day and although she is not losing weight, it has been almost 3 years since she last gained weight. As she continues to grow, she falls farther and farther behind on the height/weight percentiles.

-The older kids did really well at their last parent teacher interviews. They have had so much to deal with over the course of their lives and it amazes me at how resilient kids can be!

-Speaking of older kids (rockin the segues today folks), it's amazing how quickly they can get out the door in the morning when you threaten to wave the school bus on wearing nothing but a towel. I really should have tried that one sooner. Fortunately for everyone, the kids are smart enough to realize that their mother never bluffs.

- DITL is up over on lj, if you care to take a look.

-We actually now have high speed, "for real" opposed to the other kind which masquerades as high speed, lures you into a 3 year contract and then never actually delivers anything faster than dial up. Dear Xplornet, I hate you. Our email address will be changing right away, so if you need the new one, just let me know.

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