Wednesday, December 31, 2003

shady pines bound

I was having what I thought was a good intellectual discussion with my five year old the other day (hmm....maybe that's a bit of a stretch) about how people in ancient Rome used to speak primarily latin and not English. She was fascinated about the whole concept of people and their lives a long time ago and asked alot of really good questions - most of which were language related. Then much to my amusement and horror she asked me what language we spoke when I was little. HUH?????!!!! I'm only 27, that hardly groups me with the ancient Romans...then again....maybe the memories already starting to to go celebrate the coming of the new year and all that...have a good one....

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

We watched Pirates of the Carribean last night with a bunch of friends. The baby slept through all of it, which was nice...actually almost everybody there slept through most of it. It's funny how much you come to appreciate the small things in life once you have kids. A night of uninterupted movie watching is almost a cause for celebration. I was almost giddy with anticipation waiting for the movie to come out (like I said....small things....) When I was five that was my life be a pirate. Yo Ho and the whole bit. I was going to have a kick ass ship, a cool pirate hat and a parrot named Tracey (don't ask) My family gave me dolls with the hope that I would learn how to be a normal girl. I would lock them in cages and make them walk the plank or scub the deck. On more than one occassion I got in trouble for tipping the swivel rocker upside down and using it as my steering wheel. Yup...I can still remember with embarrassing clarity the moment that someone told me that pirates were actually Cubans with machine guns who rode around in motor boats. It was crushing. I can't remember any of the other typical childhood disappointments like there not being a santa claus, but I do remember that one. Otherwise not much else new. Haven't started Christmas shopping, decorating, baking or any of that other stuff that mom's are supposed to do. I should probably get on that.