Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have always considered myself an open minded individual. During my years as a psychology student in university we spent hours discussing the role of gender stereotyping and its effect on children. In our "qualified"opinion, raising your child in a gender neutral environment and encouraging growth and exploration in all areas was the key to optimal development. We thought we were pretty clever, in our 19ish years of wisdom. Then, I actually had kids of my own and realized that it was all a crock of.....something. By the age of 2 my boy (despite the dolls etc that were available to him) was obsessed with monster trucks and earth moving equipment and Skylar seemed to have a innate homing devise for the nearest mall and was forever asking for more "pretties" for her hair. Tatyanna was a bit of a wild card (much like her mother) and was only obsessed with horses. Pink horses, brown horses, horses riding in monster trucks. She was only interested if it had a mane and tail....with or without "pretties". We always sort of wondered how Lexi would turn out, as she did seem to have a fairly broad range of interests. That is until she and I had the following conversation this morning:

(thus proving in my opinion that psychology books are only good in theory and in truth, girls will be girls and boys will be boys)

Lexi: What's your favourite colour mommy?
Me: Red
Lexi: Oh.
Me: What's your favourite colour?
Lexi: It's purple....I used to like blue....but not anymore. And you can't like red anymore either. You have to pick a different colour.
Me: But I like red. Red is most definitely my favourite colour.
Lexi: It can't be. You can't pick red. Blue and red go together. Keirnan can pick red because he's a boy and they are 'boy' colours.......how about pink?
Me (because I like to be difficult): Nope, I like red......red it is....in fact, I love red.
Lexi: Well, you can't pick red.
****the stare down begins****
Lexi: fine...is it sparkly?
Lexi: I guess you can pick red.....but only if it's a sparkly red.
Me: Uh.....Ok....sparkly red it is.

So, just in case you were ever wondering, my favourite colour is red......but only if it has sparkles.

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Jess said...

Well, I like sparkly red too! LOL!