Thursday, November 12, 2009

Since adding texture to photos seems to be the fun and trendy thing to do, I thought I'd like to play too. I think I could use some practise, but it was fun trying.


This is, to date, one of my favourite photos. Tatyanna was 3 and Battens had not yet begun its relentless attack. We were at my mom and dads' house and she was having the best time ever running around the backyard and playing in the inflatable kiddie pool. Coming from a brand new housing development in a bigger city (complete with postage stamp yard), she would call their yard 'the park' and was in her glory with all the space to play. I snapped this shot during a rare moment that she was actually sitting quietly. For a kid who was nonstop motion and loved to ham it up for the camera, this picture was extremely out of character. The intensity in her eyes and almost uncertain expression on her face seemed so out of place on that hot July afternoon. It's almost as if she had some knowledge that we were not yet aware of. Within moments of the shutter clicking, she was off and running through the yard and splashing in the pool with her little sister.

For comparison, here's the straight out of the camera original. It's not the best shot, technically, but I like the composition and the way it captures the emotion of that moment so it's fun to play around with.



Jess said...

I've never been able to add texture to mine and get it to look right. Your photo looks cute! :) She is beautiful!

skynan said...

Thank you. :) I'm not sure that I have the whole texture thing quite right yet either. I think that particular photo is composed of about 4 layers in varying blends and opacities( 3 textures and 1 solid terra cotta coloured layer) to get it sort of the way that I wanted. It's fun to play around with, but I really could use some formal instruction!