Thursday, October 22, 2009

"it doesn't matter how rough your day was, when your husband comes home and responds to the question of how work was with a stricken look and "I ate muskrat!!!" you have to smile....just a little"

That was my facebook status line a couple of days ago. It quickly became the source of much humour both online and off....most of which was at my poor husband's expense. An online friend even went so far as to helpfully send a link to what has been termed "a once popular and always reviled song"- Muskrat Love by Captain and Tenille. Some have even called it a smash hit, although once you hear it, I'm fairly certain the only connection to that word is the sudden desire to smash the source of the auditory assault. The 70's were truly messed up times. Trent in his typical, easy going manner was good natured about the ribbing. As someone who was a good friend long before he was locked into matrimony, he was well aware that aside from the fact that his wife can barbeque a mean steak for a vegetarian, she is also a complete pain in the butt. Did you know that you can download that song as a ring tone? For a mere handful of change, you can listen to a song devoted to rodent romance every time your phone rings.

It's now been several days since my husband's gustatory adventure and the jokes have faded but do you think I can get that song out of my head? No, no I cannot. *sigh* I suppose I had it coming.

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