Friday, October 09, 2009

Because middle of the night ramblings are often a cause for much regret, I have decided to stick to a safe subject. Shoes. Here's my top 3, favourite pairs:


This is me in a shoe. I've had this pair of docs since the days when I was allowed to wear fishnets, ratty jeans and multicoloured hair. My kids have since outlawed such attire. Despite what the Ripcordz try to tell you, kids don't' necessarily like it when "their momma wears army boots". These boots have not had an easy life. Years of abuse have left them a little...ok, alot battered. The leather is faded and they are full of holes but to simply throw them in the garbage to be covered in the remnants of last night's dinner would be so very wrong. And so, they sit in my closet. Allowed the dignity of semi-retirement. Once in a while, I still wear them and the moment I put them on, the planets realign and for a minute the world is least until i step in a snowdrift and then water leaks through the hole and I'm stuck with cold, soggy feet for the next few hours.


I saw these in a Chinese market and couldn't resist. I know the tag says Converse and they probably aren't but I love them anyways. They are a shout out to my punk rock past. A subtle way of remembering some truly fun times. Although I was on my game and bartered them down to a completely respectable price, the sales girl probably could have had me within the first couple of tries. There was no way I was leaving without those shoes.


Realizing the skull covered Chuck Taylor wannabes aren't necessarily suitable attire for meetings with neurologists and teachers etc. I recently went shopping for a new pair of shoes. The moment I saw these I knew I had to have them. ( if you want to have them too!) For some reason, they remind me of China, and that makes me happy. They are also the comfiest shoes that I have ever put my feet into. My daughter Skylar, however, does not share in my love for the shiny, new shoes and has told me that I should never, ever wear them when I come to her school. In fact, at the shoe store when the sales person approached and asked if we needed any help. My girl quickly responded with a pointed look and a "NO! We're just looking!!!" Sorry, Skylar you just sealed your fate right then. For the last 2 weeks those particular shoes have been on my feet every single time I've had to walk into the school. Because I love her like that. Now I just need to figure out how to get the brown alligator pair and the paisley pair.

*Yes, I realize how pathetic it is that I have pictures of my shoes, ready to use, already on my computer.

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