Thursday, October 15, 2009

snow day

Dear Mother Nature*,

I know that you are getting up there in years and as such are entitled to some forgetfulness but there seems to be significant confusion this year regarding the order of the seasons. Until now, the norm has always been winter, spring, summer, fall and not winter, springish, winter. You seem to have entirely forgotten about summer and fall. 2 weeks ago, we had a brief reprieve where the temperatures soared to 30 September. What was that anyways? A hot flash? At any rate, it did not help the country prepare for the early onslaught of winter. The leaves are still green on the trees and my yard is covered in snow. This just isn't right. I can understand some mix up with maybe one season, once in a while, as this isn't the first time that we have missed out on summer. But, 2 seasons??! Despite the fact that it is generally a precursor to the dreaded Manitoba deep freeze, I love fall. The crispness in the air, the colourful leaves, the geese flying overhead, it's an amazing time of year. One that is meant to be savoured with a mug full of chai and a fuzzy sweater and not an entrance full of wet soggy mittens and winter boots. I can handle missing out on summer again but could we please, please have fall back?

On the upside, to balance out the millions of disgruntled prairie dwelling Canadians, my kids are thrilled.


*Just to clarify, that was totally tongue in cheek and I have not converted to paganism nor do really I believe in mother nature. Mom, you don't need to schedule an intervention with the pastor or somesuch. :)


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