Thursday, December 03, 2009

A cautionary parenting sort of tale.....

When your child comes comes up to you wearing oven mitts and a tentative look on her face...this is a bad, bad sign.

When the tentative look is followed by, "Mommy, I tried to make myself some pink milk....all by myself, beause Keirnan and Skylar wouldn't help me.....but I couldn't make it work out very good. I think I need some help, cuz....... nope, it didn't work out very good at all.".....this is most definitly a bad sign. Nothing good can come from this.

When your child hands you the oven mitts and says "You should probably put these on" and you enter the kitchen and realize that it has a sort of sweet and smoky smell, remnicent of evenings spent around a campfire and flaming marshmellows on a poplar I said, nothing good. But on the upside, you entered the kitchen knowing it was bad and hey, it could always be worse!


Needless to say, an impromtu family meeting was held regarding the responsibilities of older siblings while I'm putting Tatyanna to bed and Trent is not home. Emphasis was also placed on the rule that only big people are allowed to touch the microwave. We also touched briefly upon the fact that pressing 123....8* is probably a touch excessive when it comes to taking the chill off of a glass of pink milk.

*I'm fairly certain that she didn't really press 123....8 but I could be wrong. How long does it take to make milk jerky in the microwave?

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