Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's kind of disturbing how one can go from being an awesome mom to one deserving of little more than a good tar and feathering. Friday night, I rocked. I don't have a problem saying it. I even patted my own back for this one....I was discreet about it, of course. Friday, Trent and I had a "date night" with our son. (We were orginally supposed to take Skylar as well, but she opted to stay with the younger two for some "grandma time".) We went out for appetizers at a local upscale establishment and tossed in some creme brule for good measure. We then spent the rest of the evening at the Harry Potter book release. We had a blast checking out the various costumes and listening to the band and discussing what we thought would happen in the final installment of the series. After surveying the scene for some time I made an educated guess as to where exactly the pre-order line up would be starting. With fingers crossed, and whispering urgent prayers I casually suggested that we relocate to a new vantage point. If I was right, it would put us exactly where I thought they would be doing the pre-orderd transactions; if I was wrong, it meant leaving our place near the beginning of a line up that was already nearing the end of the block. My guess work paid off and we ended up a the very front of the line up. Keirnan was giddy with anticipation, you could feel the excitement. I think it might have been better than Christmas. The media got ready, the last few seconds were counted down and there was a flurry of picture taking while he handed over the ticket and received the first book sold in our city. It was one of those moments that you don't forget. It was pretty cool.
Fast forward to tonight. The magic of the Harry Potter moment has faded. *insert groan here* The once cool mom has just realized that she has forgotten that her son had a birthday party to go to this afternoon. It was her son's best friend's birthday. Said son does not make friends all that easily and this is only the second party he's been invited to all year. Mere words to not describe how utterly and completely wretched I feel at this moment. Despite all the stress that we've been going through, there are no excuses. I can not believe that I just did that.

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