Friday, July 20, 2007

Important Service Announcement

Beginning tonight there will be a media ban in our household. Said ban will take place until such a time as I have completed reading the much anticipated final installment in the Harry Potter series. This ban will include mainstream television, radio, newspaper as well as all major internet sites that are "news-y" in nature.

Also, please take note that general household duties will most definitely be neglected and meal preparation will be sketchy at best. Please consider yourselves warned. I have given you plenty of time to stock up on things such as trail mix, beef jerky and fruit snacks. If you are not considered a regular household dweller and decide to "pop in for a visit" conversation will most likely consist of noncommittal grunts from behind the book cover. Please help yourself to the fridge. You could perhaps also watch some Discovery Civilization or TVO Kids. The space channel is also on the safe list. Housework is also much appreciated, please feel free.

Plague and pestilence upon the household of anyone who attempts to ruin the ending for me.

I thank you for your co-operation and understanding the importance of this matter.

The Management

Tonight Trent and I will take the older two kids to the Harry Potter release party. We are all much excited about this event....I am hoping that it will somehow make up for our attempted camping trip. I'm sure I will write about it eventually but until then, content yourself with knowing that we arrived home at 7:00 this morning with the vow that we will NEVER go camping again.

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