Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not with your decision to forgo a traditional birthday party in favour of playing some Starcraft RPG with a bunch of grown-ups or not. You knew that it would mean less presents, but that didn't seem to bother you. I've got to say that I'm kind of impressed...but not surprised. You're really starting to grow up and you realized that a night of fun with friends and family outweighs gifts that will soon be forgotten. You might be on the verge of outgrowing me, and I realize that my continually pushing on your head probably isn't going to work, but in some ways you'll always be the little boy with a big "hockey player" smile and non-stop chatter. You were my first baby and you taught me so much. It was you who really taught me the meaning of words like love and sacrifice. The moment I first held you, I knew instantly that there was nothing that I wouldn't do for you. That I would always be there, no matter what. I know that things haven't really been easy over the last few years and I appreciate that you've hung in there. We've moved more than most military families during your life and I know how hard it is to make to friends. Thanks for understanding the "why's and doing your best to adapt. You have a pretty cool group of friends now, and I get a kick out of the constant emails and msn messages. I've got to say it, you are an awesome big brother. I remember when you were 2 and I brought S home. You were patient at first, believing perhaps, that someone would be coming to pick her up shortly. When it became apparent that we would keep her you were horrified. You've come a long way since those days. The way your two little sisters light up when they see you makes that apparent. I appreciate the time that you spend patiently playing with them. MIster pony and extreme kitty.....the hours spent on the my little pony website.....You have no idea how much I appreciate it...really....You don't realize it now, but you're teaching them alot about relationships and how to be treated. I'm really proud of the individual you are becoming from your never ending quest to keep learning to your sensitive, lookin out for the little guy nature and I just wanted to say Happy Birthday buddy! I love ya!

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