Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

In 2 short years you've gone from being a rather large baby with a small personality to a tiny little girl with a personality that's larger than life. You are known as the girl with a thousand faces and it's often more fun watching you watch a movie than actually watching what's playing on the t.v. itself. You are quick with hugs and kisses and adore your big brother and sisters but make it very clear to them what you feel is your personal property or space. "I no like it" and "This git!!!" are frequently heard phrases. You have, in fact, been known to climb onto your chair at dinner and lecture the table filled with family and friends about some random subject. The finger wagging and vaguely italian accent make it all the more endearing. You love animals and would quite happily spend your time sitting between Winston's large paws or feeding treats to your "phee-ya". You make sure to remind her every time that biting your foot is not allowed. I believe the finger wagging in this case is lost on the horse but it looks really effective. If an animal is not present for you to play with, you are not above pretending to be a puppy/kitty/bunny etc yourself and I often have to drag you out of the dog bowls and empty your mouthful of kibble into the garbage. Yes, I do have pictures....and yes, they will probably surface at your wedding. You also love to grab me by the necklace say "come on puppy" and attempt to drag me around the house. I must say, I much prefer it when you are the puppy as hardwood floors are less than comfy.

The last 2 years have been a blast getting to know you and watching your personality grow and develop. You have a unique zest for life and can make even the most melancholy person smile. I can't wait to watch you grow* up into the awesome little person that I know you will be.

*We are optimistic that you will actually grow in stature at some point. You are currently wearing a size 12months in clothes and still fit the diapers and onesies that I bought before you were actually born!

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