Sunday, May 18, 2008

Since making a list of thing that I miss would pretty much be stating the obvious and go on for far to long, I thought that I would change things up a little.

Things that really can't say that I've missed:

1. It has been approximately 6 weeks since I have read an article outlining the exploits of Britney Spears or discussing the many children of Brad and Angelina or wondering about the whereabouts of Suri. I'm ok with this. My world has come not come crashing down without hearing the latest celebrity gossip. In fact, I think it might be a better place. I will however be honest and admit that there is fairly good chance that I will pick up a People magazine for the flight home. 15 hours of intercontinental travel with 2 small children is hardly the time for intellectually stimulating reading.

2. Springtime in Manitoba is bi-polar at the best of times. I can honestly say that I can do without the 2 months of sending the kids to school in T-shirts one day and parkas the next.

3. Filling the truck up with gas. Taxis are plentiful and super cheap in Beijing. To hire a driver to take us to the great wall, a 2 hour drive, wait around for us until we are ready to leave and then drive back to the hospital, the cost is 700 RMB. That works out to about $100 CAD. Most of the time we simply load Tatyanna's chair onto the bus and go wherever we need to go, for the unbeatable price of 1RMB.....that's $0.14 CAD.

4. Paying the sticker price. It's significantly more fun to ask the price and then see just how low you can actually get the item for. Trent and I are far too competitive though and it's almost become a game to see who gets the better deals at the end of the day.

5. Meal planning. Once in a while I sort of miss cooking, but then I just sit down until it passes. When things are chaotic, it's kind of nice to wander down to the cafe, request the "lunch special" and know that it's going to be both healthy, and fairly decent tasting. This however doesn't apply to fish. When Sam comes to the room wondering if we would like fish for dinner, the safest response is to just say no.

6. As much as I love my dog, that warm, fuzzy feeling does not extend to the various substances that he tends to produce. Great Danes are large dogs and as such produce large messes. On a bad day, they can leave a slime trail that would make a snail green with envy. There was nothing in the "Great Dane Puppy Guide" that gave any indication that I would one day be cleaning slobber from off the ceilings.

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