Thursday, May 08, 2008's what's for breakfast

It's funny, while I can update my blog from China I can't actually read it once it's been published. Not that I would really want to, I rarely read it over for editing purposes before hitting the "publish" button (I'm sure you've probably noticed that one), but it also means that I can't read a majority of my "regulars" either. Live journal, blogger and an assortment of other sites with seemingly innocuous titles have all disappeared into to void of "Internet cannot display the webpage" My morning coffee routine is just not the same....but that might also have something to do with the fact that it now consists of a cup of instant Nescafe and not a perfectly perked cup of Peruvian Chanchamayo or the like. Now when I get home, not only will I have to wash 15 loads of laundry (the older 2 kids are at their dads for 8 weeks) I will also have to catch up on 8 weeks of missed blogs. This could take a very very long time.

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