Sunday, May 11, 2008

One year ago, Trent and I stood on the edge of a battle field. Unaware. Oblivious. We naively made plans for a future that was never meant to be and honestly thought that things were starting to look up. Within a month we found ourselves in the very trenches of a battle that we were not prepared to fight.

No one said that parenting was supposed to be easy but some mom's really get a raw deal. To those mom's this is my toast to you, because you truly deserve it. (Feel free to grab the beverage of your choice at this point: juice...water...a nice south African pinotage...tequilla...don't worry about finding the glass, it will be less to wash later)

Here's to all the mom's who have knelt at their child's bedside whispering fervent prayers for a better day

Who are too scared to dream for the future because all that really matters is that they made it through today

To the moms who have held their crying child, stroking the tendrils of damp hair away from their cheeks and wondering if the tears would ever end

and to those who long to hear their child utter a single sound and know that even a cry would be like the sweetest symphony

To the moms who could play connect the dots with the IV scars that cover their child's hands and feet

and know more technical terms and drug interactions than your average med student.

To the mom's who could tell you the days of the week without looking at a was written on the weekly pill dispenser, and isn't today must be Tuesday...

And to those who drive wistfully by playgrounds, wanting nothing more than to spend an afternoon pushing their child on a swing or making castles in the sand.

To the mom's who refuse to quit, who keep pushing, knowing that it isn't because they are particularly strong or even because it's something they want to do,

But because they have to, there simply is no other choice.

And to the mom's with experience, who's babies have long since grown up and have children of their own

Who know that while this isn't their battle, they are there to provide an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on.

Here's to the moms who have endured more than they ever though possible and know that there is more yet to come

May you find the courage and strength to face each new day and never stop looking for the small miracles

To all of you, Happy Mother's Day.

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