Sunday, February 17, 2008

RIP scuba phone


After months of working sporadically, my beloved Sony Ericsson W550i Cell Phone has gone on to wherever it is that cell phones go when they die. One minute it was working, the next the window showed nothing more than a brilliant display of colourful pixellated confetti. I choose to put the blame on the corporate giant known as Walmart as the phone was in working order when I placed a call prior to entering the store and it was no longer working once we left. Logically speaking, it must be Walmart's fault....right?? We won't talk about the fact that it really hasn't worked all that well since it took a dip in the toilet about a year ago (thanks Lex).

I thought for interests sake I would show you my cellular progression beginning with my white Motorola behemoth of a phone, that was so big that it couldn't fit in my pocket and had no extra features to speak of, and ending with my sleek new HTC touch phone, with its fun iphone-like touch screen capabilities. I was really torn between the HTC and the Blackberry as both had the email and PDA like features that I felt I needed but in the end since neither had the Worm Forts game I went with my first choice. Yes, the worm game really would have been a selling feature. For the first time ever, I actually had to consult the user manual to figure out how to use my phone.

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