Monday, January 05, 2004

why do we live here again??

Day two of this insanely cold weather. Masochistic tendencies starting to vapourize and I find myself pondering a move to much warmer BC...or Calgary (chinooks are nice). Why do people live's bloody cold. Anyways, much credit must be given to the blue behemoth that we sometimes call a van. Despite much vehicular bitching, it has started on both days. I like that. Although it takes all the fun out of driving (think pontoon boat on wheels) something has to be said for the fact that it started yesterday without being plugged in. Christmas and New Years were good. Even that quality family time that I used to dread, was pretty good this year. Decorations are down and Zoe the tree has now joined Sam, last years Christmas tree, in the back yard . The kids have had numerous fights since then over whose tree is the deadest. Apparently there is a gradient of deadness when it comes to Christmas trees. I must have missed that memo somewhere. Otherwise, nothing else new. Saw LOTR again yesterday and it still thought it was an amazing movie. My tattoo will finally be completed as of Wednesday, so I'm pretty pysched about that. It's been a work in progress since Oct. Due to the size and intricacy, it has required more that one sitting. Hopefully, Wed will be the last one.

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