Friday, January 23, 2004

Not much new. We took the kids out to a sit-down type restaurant the other day...a daring move as the last time we tried to do so, my daughter attempted to start a knife fight with her brother. This time was surprisingly uneventful. In fact the older guy at the table next to us congratulated T. on his well-behaved family.....what he didn't know is that we kept them quiet by playing hangman with words like fart etc. Hey, whatever works :)
Finally got an estimate back from my seamstress re: tudor style gown I'm having made and it's going to be much cheaper than I had anticipated. This pleases me to no end. Now I just have to come up with half the cost, which is still fairly substantial, so that she can order the fabric. Part of me can't believe I'm so giddily excited about a potential dress. I once did a gender type quiz with my ex and he scored higher on the female side than I did, so it doesn't seem right. But it is a recreation jane seymour/anne boelyn gown......this makes it ok right??

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