Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter eggs....

Every day we order pretty much the same thing for lunch...some sort of meat, some sort of vegetable and jidan chao fan (egg fried rice). Not exactly adventurous but with 2 little kids, one of whom has certain dietary requirements, playing it safe is sometimes the way to least at the beginning of our trip. Everyday at some random time before lunch, the specified food arrives. We generally request 1200 for delivery but in reality it may appear anywhere from as early as 1045 to 1215. See, there is an element of adventure after all!
On this particular day though, things got a little mixed up....slightly lost in translation and our staple jidan chao fan turned into this:

Truthfully, I have no idea what exactly it is, how the eggs were turned a purplish brown colour or what turned them into a jelly like consistency. Trent and I thought that it seemed a rather fitting mistake given the nature of the day, but the kids? They failed to see the humour.

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