Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A royal birthday

A letter to my daughter, Princess of things Crocodilian,
It was hard coming up with a cake befitting a person of your status. Not being briefed in royal etiquette, I was unsure if such a cake would be appropriate or sufficient. I appreciate the show of excitement that you displayed upon presentation of the cake and so I will assume that it was up to par. I do apologize again for my attempts at getting you into some sort of conventional clothing for your party and appreciate the time that you took in explaining that Crocodile Princesses wear pajamas to parties and not pretty dresses. I had been previously unaware of this fact and consider myself so much more enlightened now. Perhaps I will spend some time in the local library, learning the protocol and social nuances associated with royalty such as yourself.
Happy 3rd Birthday my girl! Your unique perspective on life has kept us highly entertained and I am truly looking forward to watching you develop into the awesome little girl you are becoming.
Love Mom
-PS If you are the Crocodile Princess, does that make me Queen?
*I have absolutely no idea where she came up with the Lexi, Crocodile Princess moniker. She began addressing herself as such out of the blue one day while we were in China and it has stuck ever since.

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Spanky Dan said...

An awesome cake indeed!