Wednesday, March 05, 2008


It's underway. Our massive fundraising campaign has begun. The trust account has been set up, the date for the social has been confirmed and a local printing company (Webber for you locals....please use them for your business as they rock!) has offered to print up anything that we need....for free! While I realize that it probably costs them very little, it would have cost us $250 for 250 full colour pamphlets at Staples or around $200 at a different quick print place. Webber didn't hesitate, they simply grabbed the original copy, put it on their copier, selected the best paper and told us to grab coffee or something while we waited. Trent and I kept waiting for the catch, thinking that perhaps they would want the "at cost value" to be reimbursed or some advertising or something. The fact that they just printed everything for free and then offered to do more as needed is extremely appreciated. To be honest, I'm stunned with the reaction that our situation is having on people. I'm not really sure what I expected but the willingness of people from all over to do whatever they can has left me feeling that perhaps there is some good in humanity after all.

Today I took the forms from Children's Wish Foundation to Tatyanna's pediatrician to be signed. There's a large spot for the dr. to fill in with a heading that goes something like "In what way do you feel that the patient's diagnosis is life threatening." It should be interesting to see what he writes. I'm thinking that "see diagnosis...'nuff said" should probably be sufficient. It's kind of surreal to be honest. Today, Tatyanna's had a really good day. We ran errands all morning, she played for several hours this afternoon without falling down once and is now sitting in the living room, glass of strawberry milk in hand, watching "the fox and the hound" for the bazillionth time. It's hard to comprehend that it will all just get worse. In some ways, I think that I refuse to believe it. I know what the diagnosis means. I've talked to other parents. I'm not naive to think that it won't happen. But, I don't believe in absolutes either. I have seen the impact that prayer and positive thinking can have. I'm not prepared to give up without a fight. If we lose the battle, there's plenty of time for grief then. In the meantime I will do whatever I can to help keep my little girl as happy and active as possible. Kids are perceptive and nobody can live very long without hope.

Sometimes I wonder if perhaps I should actually use the spell check feature or maybe proof read for errors before I hit the "publish" button but I never do. Sorry and thank you for being so tolerating.

Will winter ever be over? It's March already, I'm ready for bunnies and mud puddles and grass....I'll even be happy to see people wearing crocs. Even big people, who should never wear such heinous footwear.

Keirnan's teacher, whom I love (that would be sarcasm) has refused my repeated efforts to set up a meeting with him to discuss Keirnan's conduct and his negative attitude towards my son. His reasoning is that he simply too busy. When I explained to him what was going on at home and how I thought that perhaps it might be having an effect on Keirnan's behaviour, his answer was "I can see about talking to the guidance counsellor...he does have an open file with her does he not? But I can't promise anything. We have alot of kids with needs at this school and it's too hard to meet all of them." Tomorrow I have a meeting with the principal to discuss my "displeasure" with the gr.6 teacher. This could get interesting. You have made the wrong person angry Mr. C.

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