Sunday, March 23, 2008

I find it particularly interesting that the government of Alberta in it's typical self-appreciating fashion is celebrating the creation of the new birth certificate and all it's anti identity theft features. To quote service minister Lloyd Snelgrove, “Anyone familiar with identity theft or fraud will tell you that a birth certificate is a good foundation document to build a false identity,” . If Alberta is so concerned with the potential threat of identity theft, why then did they refuse to send my daughter's birth certificate by anything but standard post? My credit card was charged on March 5th for said certificate (and we paid to have it "rushed") and we are at day 18 and counting. Vital statistics in Alberta has said that they mailed it on the 12th and are willing to do no more about it. Does regular post seem a very 'safe' method of mail transport? I've had things go missing several times to the void of Canada Post, never to be seen again. Potentially speaking, if my daughter's birth certificate were found by a less than honest person, they would then have legal I.D. for the child of their choice. How exactly are these anti-theft features going to help me now Mr. Snelgrove? Good thinking once again Alberta!

Our big dilema now is that without Lexi's birth certificate we can not get her a visa. Without the visa we don't go to China. If the necessary document doesn't miraculously appear in Tuesdays mail we will have to pay upwards of $1000 to have a new birth certificate sent out at their convenience (on the AB registries sites, you pay for rush service but they don't actually tell you how long said service will take) and then courier it to someone in Calgary to take it to the Chinese consulet and have the service rushed. Rush service comes at a very hight price. Gotta love the way places love to cash in on a crisis. Thank you Alberta for reinforcing to me why I left your province to begin with.

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