Thursday, December 06, 2007

death to microsoft.....or is it just karma?

Remember the post I made about a certain two zealous and protective parents who lovingly prescreened their son's present to ensure that disappointment and mayhem were not part of the Christmas morning proceedings? Those same two parents turned on the Xbox on Sunday night after the kids were in bed, not to play some GH3 because that would be wrong as the game had already been prescreened, but rather some other shoot the enemy sort of military game, and found that the Xbox no longer works. Or rather, is undergoing some sort of highly inconvenient identity crisis. The Xbox360 now believes that it is a CD player. It plays audio CD's and that is all. If you put a game in, the helpful message reads "This is an Xbox 360 disc, to play this disc use an Xbox 360 console" It does the same thing for movies. There are no " red rings of death" or broken pieces, no smoke or grinding sounds, just a confused Xbox which for all outward appearances should work. This irritates me greatly for two reasons. The first being that the machine is less than a year old. It was last year's Christmas present. The second being that Christmas morning just got a little more awkward. Games with no console to play them on is never a good thing. I'm now thinking that perhaps we should have taken the risk of letting the kids open their presents without checking them out first. Trent was in the military, he knows karate, he could have taken the convicts if there were any. Besides, they'd have been so hungry after sitting under a tree for several weeks we probably could have bribed them with Santa's leftover eggnog and cookies. It's Christmas after all, even escaped convicts need Christmas....right?

Tatyanna goes for her MRI tomorrow. We have spent 4 months waiting for an MRI that was listed as urgent. Nice.

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