Thursday, November 01, 2007

18 lbs. In just a couple of hours, the kids managed to collect 18 lbs of sugary goodness. I'd love to tell you that I was kidding or maybe even exaggerating just a little, but out of a sick sense of curiosity I put all the loot in garbage bag and tossed it on the bathroom scale. This particular scale also weighs in on the light side, but I keep it around because it makes me feel better. So in actuality, we probably have more like 20 lbs of candy. Lexi weighs 20 lbs. How does one even begin to hide that much candy? And I will hide it, you can be assured of that. The thought of 4 kids bouncing "snitch" like off the walls doesn't really hold much appeal for me. They were a little disappointed to hear that I wouldn't be using this as an exercise to teach them some self control. Right, good try though guys!

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