Monday, August 14, 2006

Nostomania - noun; an overwhelming homesickness; a desire to return home or to a place of familiarity

I can't say that I'm homesick exactly. To be honest, there are aspects of returning home that would be extremely difficult (read: there is a distinct lack of decent sushi places) I'm not sure what it is. There seems to be a general sense of angst and unrest lately. Perhaps it's the months of living in limbo and the uncertainty of whether we are going or staying. We have done all we can to improve the situation here to no avail and while moving back seems to be the best solution, it is also proving to be impossible. Any jobs that we apply for compete with the local population....people who are available for interviews and can start immediately. Needless to say, this is making the whole process that much more difficult. I applied for 4 jobs at the hospital but can't imagine that I will hear anything. We extended our "moving deadline" to the end of the month. After that, I'm not sure what will happen.....we can't really stay here but don't really want to move the kids mid-school year. One kid wants to move, one doesn't. The younger two are too young to care. Moving would free up money we have in the for T to get his education...for me to get back into riding. We even found a decent house, with enough room for a family of 6 and a mortgage that would be half of what we currently pay. It seems like the ideal solution and yet we can't seem to make it happen.

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