Sunday, November 20, 2005

You can play with her....but never invite her in

We have new neighbors, nothing out of the ordinary given that we live in a new development, but these ones are kind of odd. We never see them.....ever. Their lights are usually off and they don't seem to come or go. In fact, if they didn't continually send their daughter out to play after dark, I probably wouldn't have realized that anyone moved in at all. We never see her before dark, but frequently, after 8pm she comes out to skip or ride her bike on the driveway. It's kind of strange. Skylar was hopeful that maybe they could play together someday as they seem to be of similar age. That would be nice.....I think I will start cooking with more garlic.I wish that I had more time for a real update, but alas it will have to wait....

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