Thursday, July 21, 2005

She's here!!!

It's kind of been a surreal sort of week. Last Thursday I was enduring the sympathetic comments of T's co-workers and trying to do anything possible to bring on labour in order to avoid an artificial induction (can anyone see the irony there?), this Thursday I take my almost week old baby girl for her one week check-up. Apparently all my efforts Thursday past were not in vain. By midnight I was in labour and by 3am I was bailing on a conversation with a friend and debating whether or not to make the 40 min drive out to Stony Plain. I'll save the gory details for another time and just keep to the basics. After a relatively easy labour and delivery we welcomed Alexandria Elizabeth Katrine to the world at 11am on July 15. Interestingly, she was not as pleased with this event as we were and was declared to be one of the most pissed of babies ever delivered in that location . She weighed 9lbs 9oz which was significantly more than I was expecting and made stepping on the scale the next morning all the more fun. I've got to hand it to midwives, they really know their job. By 4:00 that day, we were headed for home -baby in the backseat, well earned tim hortens iced cappuccino in hand. All in all, I felt pretty good. Since then, the baby's mellowed significantly and life has sort of settled into a slightly elevated state of choas.

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