Monday, June 07, 2004

Mental note to self: the guys who install flooring exist for a reason. All things considered though, the new kitchen floor looks pretty damn good- especially given that it was done by a bunch of amateurs with almost no experience. We didn't kill each other either, which I believe says a lot about our relationship. I do however believe that a book deal on "101 ways to combine various curses thereby making them even better" could be in the works. Fortunately the kids were spending the day at grandmas so there shouldn't be any problems when I pick them up from daycare. Daycares don't seem to like foul language...go figure. Now that the floor is in, all that's left to do is paint. This is the part that I'm excited about. In a twisted kind of way, I love painting. I would probably repaint my house monthly if I was allowed. At first we were just going to use the same colours, but how much fun is that really? So, with all the major work being done, I am extremely happy (you have no idea how much) to report that the house is almost odour free. There's still a funk coming from some where but it's nothing like the eye watering outhouse stench that we came home to. The kids are no longer asking to move which I'm considering a really good sign.On the employment front, mommy guilt kicked in with an extra punch this morning when I dropped my sobbing, clinging 1 yr old off thus causing me to ponder the idea of opening my own liscenced daycare. It could be just the fumes from the linoleum adhesive but it's starting to sound like a good idea. It would only be for a year or two and I would make more money doing that as compared to working full time and paying for childcare. Without the partial subsidy that I managed to qualify for, daycare expenses would have been over 1000$ per month this summer....that's outrageous. As it is I'm still paying somewhere between 3 and 400. It's something to think about, I guess. The evenings, weekends and holidays off are a nice perk too. Not sure if I could do it though...*sigh*

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