Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Since Tatyanna has made the executive decision that sleep is for the weak and as such we can all go without thus rendering me incapable of forumlating complex sentences that aren't horribly run-on, I am going to put up some links, call it a blog post and grind myself some more dave's homeroast because it is awesome.


If you feel like being amazed (i highly recommend this one!):


If you feel like being amused:


Or, if you are anything like my daughter and could spend hours watching videos of strange cats:



Jess said...

I understand about the sleep. A is the same way these days. His mom told us Friday when we picked him up he was up for 36 hours straight. He slept a little better here but still not much!

skynan said...

Oh, very not fun! Tatyanna has never gone quite that long. She pulls all-nighters and frequently stays up until 12ish and then is always up by 430-530. Sometimes the melatonin works, sometimes it doesn't.