Tuesday, August 25, 2009

beauty rest

Some people have the sort of puppies that can be found in calendars and on posters with witty comments and inspiring messages. These puppies make your teeth ache with their sweet faces and your heart feel warm and fuzzy all over.

When we took our Brynn home, I can't honestly say that it was because of her beautiful and well groomed appearance. One look at her floppy ears, sad eyes and belly that was obviously bloated with parasites and we were hooked....because we so needed a challenge in our lives at that moment. While I don't recommend taking home puppies with dubious histories, we were able to play fairy godparents to this Cinderella and offer her a good life. A life that included some much needed kibble and several rounds of deworming tablets. But, despite the tender lovin care, and comfy couches on which to snack lounge, no amount of sleep is going to make our girl a super model. In fact, when she is asleep, she becomes truly frightening.

This is truly the stuff......

that doggy nightmares are made of....

Good thing she has a winning personality....and an athletic set of "eyebrows"!

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