Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sir Winston of Deebee

Cost of one Great Dane puppy in 1998 - $850

Cost of mileage to the airport, plane ticket from Halifax, Nova Soctia for said puppy - $250

Cost of vet bills, kennel fees, couch replacement X2, cleaning supplies (did you know danes can even get slobber on the ceilings?), truckloads of kibble and giant sized bones - +$5000.....i don't even want to think about the exact amount...

Cost of 9 years of faithful companionship and unwavering affection - PRICELESS

Happy 9th Birthday Winston! I can't imagine our family without you!

Because I live in a house full of little people who love any excuse for a birthday party, we even had a celebratory party complete with shiney paper hats and cake. Normally, I'm not the type of person who would have a birthday party for a dog but I was easily persuaded for this occassion. After all, it is extremely rare to be blessed with 9 years of slobber hair covered carpets loyal, giant-sized companionship. Even at his advanced age, Winston is still able to play a good game of fetch (with a soccer ball) and sneak into the kitchen with the hope that someone has left the cupboard doors open or some tasty morsel left on the counter.

I'm in the process of digging out some of his "baby pics" for a future post.

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