Tuesday, June 24, 2008

First Pet

Guinea pigs were never really on my list of things to own. I'm more of a horse/big dog kind of person. I like it when my pets are large enough that becoming inadvertently squished or lost to the duct work mazes isn't even a remote possibility. But, being an open minded sort of person, or maybe simply a sucker, I thought that we'd give it a try. After all, China was never on my list of places to visit and I would go back there in a second so maybe the same applies to small rodent like animals?? The offer was too good to pass up really. 2 guinea pigs with all the necessary accessories, bought by an individual who was unprepared for the work, for free with an "if it doesn't work out, bring them back" clause. Although Skylar was quite willing to claim and accept responsibility for both guinea pigs, the moment Lexi saw them, she was completely enamoured....even though they aren't the chinchilla's that she has been asking for. She now wakes up in the morning and starts the day by saying "I need to go see the guinea pigs....they aren't chinchillas you know." *sigh* Somehow I don't think that there's any way those pigs will be going anywhere. Congratulations Linny and Henry, you have just found your forever home. And I have just increase my workload 2 rodents worth. It's a good thing they're kind of cute....even if they aren't horses.

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