Thursday, May 24, 2007

For the first time in recent memory I was able to simply relax...for more than minute. The older kids spent the long weekend in Brandon with their dad and the youngest spent a couple of nights with her grandma in Sylvan. Once the initial lost feeling wore off it was a good weekend. There were no fights to break up, no early morning requests for breakfast, no puddles of any variety to clean up, just unstructured free time. I got to stay in bed until I was good and ready to leave, watch TV shows that were free from singing and colourful animated characters, and have some good quality time with T. We even went out for dinner nice restaurants where there were no slides and no napkin and ketchup dispensers. Not once did anyone ask if we wanted a kids menu. I love my kids and wouldn't trade being a mom for anything but dammit, I needed this past weekend.

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