Wednesday, July 23, 2003

I have to keep telling myself this so that I don't forget and get too comfortable in my new role as a roofer. Comfort being a figurative term only because I have now become critically aware of muscles that have long been forgotten or given up as lost. Instead of making the $40+ plus dollars an hour that i'm trained to do, I'm perched percariously on a roof, covered in dirt, wielding a hatchet......for free. Yay!!! Actually it's not that bad...could be worse, and it is a break from my usual diaper changing, house cleaning routine. At least with this crew there are no breaks given for me being female. An excellent example of this being the other day as I found my self wearing a climbing harness in a shade of pink that has not been seen since the 80's, tied to the top of a three story roof with a glorified piece of string and what appeared to be a blue dog leash. I had been stripping shingles from the roof for what seemed like a very long time and from my angle hadn't seen or heard from anyone since I had been up there, when all of a sudden one of the guys climbs up the ladder below me. When I asked where everyone had been, his response was that they were sitting in the shade, drinking pepsi, talking about Dust (friends game) and larp. They are all very lucky that I was tied to the roof.

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